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What is Alexa? Amazon's virtual assistant

However, Amazon obviously has big plans for its electronic assistant.. Alexa can't dive to your mails or travel plans such as Google Assistant, Siri or even Cortana can - Amazon just doesn't have use of this information - however it can run web searches, browse out audio books, visit on the elements and of course order stuff from Amazon. Alexa is able to handle all of the basics with no problems, however where it really comes into its own is by using its thirdparty integrations - it may order pizzas, taxi rides, and items in Amazon, play with your music Spotify, or read out audio books.

Developers are quick to produce Alexa skills as well as in terms of the breadth of exactly what it can do it's far ahead of their other supporters here. It has no visible interface, as everything works using voice control, but Alexa is actually very good at recognising natural terminology and converting it to actions. It does work with calendars, either via the corresponding program, also we all hope plenty more features (and devices) to be added to the Alexa ecosystem at the not too distant future.


If you own an Echo or Echo Dot, Amazon Music Unlimited really comes into its own. To receive Amazon Prime through one this device costs only #3.99 per month. If that doesn't further drive sales of both Echos and Music Unlimited, we have no idea exactly what will. Ironically, the deal isn't restricted literally to this 1 device -- there isn't any phone access for you personally, here -- but then Music Unlimited was assembled primarily to show Echo's personal helper Alexa into a better DJ than ever.

As well as seeking monitors and records by musicians, you may even ask her to play music by date of recording, disposition and genre -- Happy 80s music or, if that is not your purse, gloomy indie music out of the 90s, as an example. Something similar to Alexa: drama David Bowie music from the 70s, until he went a bit crap. She won't know the last piece, but what the hell. This data is extracted from Amazon's huge online repository, and that has been upgraded to add data on mood, and the entire year of recording.

That is as opposed to the entire year of discharge, so the Beatles are stuck in the 60 s rather than the 80, 90s, 00s and 10s, if their back catalogue was re-released and re-re-released. But perhaps most notable of all, Alexa may choose the role formerly filled with A-list record store employees: you can ask her to engage in half-remembered music, by quoting snatches in their legends. Amazon claims that 70 something percent of the songs available have searchable lyrics.