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When should kids get a phone? Chapter 1

My eldest girl was twelve once she took her initial public bus ride on her own. it had been her initial day at her new Gymnasium. a couple of days before the twelvemonth, my partner and that i had spent a full morning rehearsing the commute together with her. we tend to walked from our home to the stop, wrote down the four buses that she may take, took one in all them and walked her to her faculty. we tend to then did the reverse and guided her through the come trip. we tend to did this double.

When the day of reckoning arrived, my girl took the proper bus - however within the wrong direction. it had been then that we tend to complete that our protected girl didn't even understand that there have been parallel bus services running in opposite directions. Thankfully, she discovered that she was going the incorrect manner and mustered enough courageousness to raise the busman for facilitate. She got off the bus, crossed the road and took the proper bus back. however once she have to be compelled to the stop close to her faculty, she was therefore petrified of obtaining lost once more that she determined to urge off the bus and walked the complete acquainted two.5km trek home.


I cannot recall currently why our girl didn't decision North American nation once she was lost, although she already had associate golem smartphone. however she was a tyro and had not discovered Google Maps. once the incident, I spent hours showing her the wonders of Google Maps and the way she might be anyplace in Singapore and ne'er be fearful of obtaining lost - as long as she had enough battery power on her smartphone and a completely loaded ez-link card.

I learnt my lesson 3 years past. once my second girl hit Secondary one last month, I had to create only 1 guided trip together with her and he or she has already become associate freelance commuter and Google Maps creative person. Giving a baby his or her initial smartphone may be a robust call for any parent. concern of them accessing smut and different inappropriate content, obtaining smitten by video games, over-indulging in social media, being cyberbullied or receiving scam calls from strangers is real within the digital age.

Parental management apps like Qustodio will cut back a number of these risks (see sidebar). Qustodio offers web page filtering, safe search, app management, usage programing, location trailing and additional.