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When should kids get a phone? Chapter 2

When my eldest girl turned ten, I had to grant her a phone as a result of she started taking the varsity bus. I contemplated my alternative of a phone for an extended time before finally selecting a feature phone. the sole goal at that point was to be able to decision her once she was enroute home and, as such, I didn't suppose a smartphone was necessary. it had been only she turned thirteen that I upgraded it to a smartphone.

There were many factors that influenced my call to finally yield. initial was the requirement for WhatsApp. From the higher primary level, several youngsters have already shaped WhatsApp discussion groups to stay in-tuned with their schoolmates. a number of these teams square measure for social functions, however typically these also are the places wherever they visit each other on assignment.


It is a similar with folks. once my youngest started Primary one this year, i used to be astonied by however current WhatsApp usage has become. On the primary day of faculty, a couple of eager folks had already started a parents-only WhatsApp cluster to share info concerning preparation, category gatherings and different faculty matters. By the time the youngsters reach Secondary one, I feel it works against them if they're missing out on vital social dynamics while not WhatsApp access.

When should kids get a phone? Chapter 1

A survey of one hundred eighty respondents by The Asian folks Forum, commissioned by Singtel in 2016, found: thirty two per cent of oldsters believed that the proper age to grant their kid a mobile set up is thirteen (see chart below) seventy two per cent of respondents would offer their kid a feature (keypad) phone as against twenty seven per cent United Nations agency would offer their kid a smartphone fifty one per cent of the respondents aforesaid they were ready to grant their kid a mobile line with mobile knowledge I contemplated this issue for years and, like several folks, didn't wish to grant my youngsters a smartphone till it had been necessary. The question is: once is that the right time?